Thursday, February 27, 2014

KAS New York: Fall/Winter 2014 Preview

I was absolutely delighted when I received an invitation to KAS New York's Fall/Winter 2014 preview during New York Fashion Week! I attended the show about two weeks ago, Feburary 13th, and absolutely fell in love with Kirat Anand's designs. I'm so excited to share with you my experience at the event and my favorite pieces from his collection. I took my Nikon D3100 to the show and all photos in this post were taken by me.

First off, walking into the venue, The Indian Consulate Ballroom, I was absolutely stunned by its beauty:

The models stood on stage and, about every five to ten minutes or so, they rotated a spot on stage and one came off while another model joined the rest. This gave everyone a perfect opportunity to really admire and photograph each piece of clothing.

Here are some of my favorite outfits from the show:

As you can see, there's definitely a color theme that went through out the show. It started off with very green pieces and then moved on to some beautiful greys and blacks. These pieces are not only elegant, but stunning in every way. 

I was so happy that I got a chance to meet the designer, Kirat Anand. I congratulated him on a beautiful show and told him how much I absolutely loved his designs. We also took a photo together: 

Fashion TV also covered the event. If you watch this video you can see even more designs and you even see me taking a photo with the designer, look out for it!

When being asked, "Kirat, talk to us, what inspired this collection?"

Kirat responds with, "Its very inclusive. You know, we reach out to a lot of women, and its to make women feel confident, to make women feel beautiful, and that's why I started the collection. I started the collection because I wanted it to be aspirational but attainable. You know, you shouldn't just have a collection that's desirable, but you can't own it." 

What an amazing person, and an amazing designer!

Tell me what you think about KAS New York and Kirat Anand's collection!

And check out KAS New York here: 


Thursday, February 6, 2014

3 Cute Winter Boots You'll Wanna Show Off

Here in New York City it has been absolutely disgusting the past few days! All there's been is slush, snow, ice, and more slush. For weather like this, hopefully you won't have to pull our those ugly and unspeakable snow boots from the back of your closet. Well fear not, because I searched the internet and found some cute snow/rain boots that you definitely won't mind people seeing you in!

These Tory Burch Rainboots ($195) not only look like they can handle the rain and slush but can help you look fashionable while doing so! Check them out here

I also absolutely love these Hunter x Rag & Bone boots! ($295) Hunter and Rag & Bone partnered up to create this cute boot that can keep your feet dry in this kinda weather. Check them out here

These Sperry Top-Sider boots are probably my favorite because they're black so they'll go with just about everything! Check them out here (They're on sale for $57.75!)

Hope you like these cute boots just as much as I do! Let me know what you think (:

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