Friday, April 26, 2013

Camouflage: On and Off the Runway

When you think camo you probably think hunting or armies but this year I've seen some camo on the runway, even if its not the kind of camo you'll see me wearing. I am a huge camo fan, I've got some hats and jackets with the pattern. But there's a huge difference between camo that you'll see in the designs of major fashion designers that are showcased on the runway and the camo that you'll actually see people wear.

One of the camo hats I proudly own is a Luke Bryan hat that I got at his concert. And another is from my favorite bar and restaurant in Nashville called the Wildhorse Saloon! I wish I could get there more!

What I found surprising is there is a good amount of camo this year on the runway from designers like Michael Kors, DKNY, Patrik Ervell, Mark McNairy, and many others.

Michael Kors Fall 2013
camo print dress
DKNY s/s 2013

camo print mini dress
DKNY s/s 2013

Patrik Ervell Fall 2013
Mark McNairy Fall 2013

Although that camo is slightly different than what you may see on my favorite show, Duck Dynasty!

What do you think about camo on the runway? How about off the runway? Let me know what you think!