Saturday, June 2, 2012

Will Neon be a Popular Trend this Summer?

I was doing some online shopping and looking at fashion trends and ideas for the summer and one thing that came up a lot that I LOVED was NEON! Bright and fun colors were just popping up everywhere, and here are some of my faves: 

Neon watches seem to be in this season! These were only a few of the TONS of neon watches I found online. (from left to right) 
  1. ASOS Neon Green Green Rubber Watch, now on sale for $10.44! Buy Now
  2. ASOS Neon Pink Double Strap Watch $34.79 Buy Now
  3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Red Leather Strap Watch With Rose Gold Square Oval Face $311.37 Buy Now

I was looking for some cute neon shorts, and I found a lot! The most common color that I found though was pink (don't worry though if you don't like pink! There are these shorts in different colors on their websites in the "Buy Now" links below). I think neon pink shorts are gonna be IN this summer, how about you?
  1. Top Shop Moto Neon Pink Cut Off Hotpants $40.00 Buy Now
  2. Express Neon Shorts, now on sale for $29.90! Buy Now
  3. Free People Diamond Croshet Short $98.00 Buy Now

These neon color dresses really caught my eye, and I can't wait to buy some nice summery dresses like these! (from left to right)

  1. Charlotte Russe Neon Scuba Tube Dress $28.99 Buy Now
  2. Free People Striped Fitnflare Dress $118.00 Buy Now
  3. Rare Neon Scuba Corset Dress with Neon Belt, now on sale for $43.49! Buy Now


One of my favorite things to shop for in the summer are swim suits! This summer my plan is definitely going to include shopping for some super cute and super bold neon suits, such as the ones above. (from left to right)

  1. Free People One Piece with Back Straps $180.00 Buy Now
  2. Free People Volcano Top and Bottom, Top: $68 Bottom: $68 Buy Now
  3. Pac Sun Kandy Wrappers Fringe Suit, Top: $34.50 Bottom: $32.50 Buy Now


Everyone loves and needs a cute bag over the summer, and going with the neon theme, these were my top 3! My favorite is the on on the right, its perfect for a day to the beach or just for hanging out with friends! (from right to left)

  1. Michael Kors Ostrich Embossed Shoulder Flap Bag $455.00 Buy Now 
  2. J. Crew Margate Purse $198.00 Buy Now
  3. Victoria Secret Backpack $39.50 Buy Now
These are my favorite neon wear for the summer, but of course there is way more out there! I'd love it if you'd share it with me, and I hope everyone enjoys a very neon summer. Tell me what you think about this rising neon trend!

~xoox, CC


  1. Oh yea neon is everywhere in the shops!!
    It kinda hurts your eyes already haha!

    But i love the trend... especially if it comes to accessoires!
    But the bikinis are lovely too and look so hot with a tan! :))

    1. haha yeah I see neon everywhere!
      I also have come to love the trend :)