Thursday, June 21, 2012

"The Substitutes" DSQUARED² Fall/Winter 2012/13 Campaign!

(Watch full screen, its THAT amazing!)

I have watched this video probably over 20 times! It is DSQUARED² FALL/WINTER 2012/13 campaign! I absolutely love it. I wish my school was like that, and I wish my school had guys like that :) The video called "The Substitute" was shot by Mert & Marcus for Dsquared2. Starring: Dean and Dan Caten together with models: Benedikt Angerer, Simon Van Meervenne, Liuk Bass, Ralf Javoiss, Daphne Groeneveld, Frida Aasen and Bette Franke. Additional cast includes Eric and Joan Ribera as "bellhop" and Ratka Mayor as 'the teacher'. And the catchy soundtrack is the 1960s pop tune "The Clapping Song" by Shirley Ellis. 

A shout out to Daphne Groeneveld in this video. She looks stunning, as usual!

This campaign really makes me want to go out and buy their clothes! How about you? 

Check out their new clothes here :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Beauty of Villa Floriani

I have tried and used a lot of beauty products, and I have to say one of my faves is from Villa Floriani. Villa Floriani is a beauty company in Italy whose products are very natural, organic, and perfect for sensitive skin. My favorite product is the Chamomile Cleansing Lotion. I bought this a a few months ago and I still have a lot of it, they say that it should last about a year. I love this product because its really relaxing and feels amazing! This is what it says on the back:

"Chamomile Cleansing Lotion: This light, nourishing cleansing lotion, made from pure organic plant extracts, gently clears away makeup and surface impurities leaving the skin smooth and moisturized. Chamomile provides a gently astringent, while linden and althea extracts soothe the skin to help reduce redness and irritation. Mallow root and olive oil provide nourishing emollients, and help to improve the skin's natural resistance to environmental factors that affect sensitive skin."

I love this lotion and I think you will love it too. I remember it being around 60-80 dollars for a bottle, but it is really worth it because the bottle lasts about a year. You can check out the Villa Floriani website for this product and more!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Galaxy print! Yes? Or No?

I've been seeing the galaxy print A LOT, and to be honest I LOVE it! I don't have any galaxy printed items myself, but I plan to get some soon. Black Milk clothing has tons of galaxy print clothes and even shoes! Here are my faves: 

Black Milk Galaxy Purple Swimsuit $90 Buy Now

Black Milk Galaxy Purple Dress $99 Buy Now

Black Milk Galaxy Purple Leggings $75 Buy Now

Black Milk Lita Fab-Rainbow Galaxy $199.95 Buy Now

Black Milk Night Lita-Rainbow Galaxy $259.95 Buy Now

Black Milk 99 Tie-Rainbow Galaxy $189.95 Buy Now

I love Black Milk clothing and I think their clothes are very cute and original! My favorite has to be the leggings and the bathing suit. Wearing the leggings with a cute black top and black boots would be a perfect outfit for me! I like to stand out a little bit, but also look very fashionable. My favorite shoes are the first ones (Lita-Fab Rainbow Galaxy) I think I could wear them with anything, jeans, leggings, and even shorts. It'll add a little originality to your daily outfit! I also think the second shoes (Night Lita-Rainbow Galaxy) are very cool! The only problem is, I'm sure I would fall! What are your ideas on the galaxy trend? Let me know! 


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What Not To Wear? Or what to wear?

I was watching "What Not To Wear"  today and the girl, Noel, that was on that show was there because her style was way to crazy! She would always wear way too ripped shirts, things that showed way to much cleavage, and other clothes that made her look insane. But of course, Stacy and Clinton knew what to do! They knew that Noel likes clothing that makes her stand out, so one thing they suggested on the mannequin was this pair of silver metallic jeans. I loved them! I was looking online and these are the ones that I found and liked:


  1. ASOS Pieces High Waist Metallic Silver Leggings $36.45 Buy Now
  2. Shop Bop Sass & Bide $227.50 Buy Now
Here is the outfit that inspired my post! It is the second outfit that Stacy and Clinton showed to Noel: 

Personally I dislike the shirt, but I do love those metallic pants!

Also, if you are interested, here are Noel's before and after pictures:

Reveal outfit #1
Reveal Outfit #2

Reveal Outfit #3

I think that she did such a great transition from crazy and insane, to friendly, beautiful, and stunning! I hope that she can keep up this new style because it makes he look ten times better!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Combat boots?

I love combat boots because I think that they go with just about everything! You can wear them in the winter/fall with some jeans, you can wear them in the spring with a dress, and you can even wear them in the summer with some shorts. Lately its been hot, yet not so hot, so I've been wearing shorts with combat boots, and I've begun to really like the look. I have a pair of black combat boots, but I was looking online and these are some of my favorites:



  1. Neway By Beston Women's Legend-08 Brown Combat Boots for $33.99 Buy Now
  2. Neway By Beston Women's Legend-02 Brown Combat Boots for $37.99 Buy Now
  3. Sweet Beauty Women's Mid-calf Lace-up Boots for $41.49 Buy Now
  4. Sweet Beauty Women's Terra-01 Lace-up Combat Boots for $39.99 Buy Now
What do you think of these boots? 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Best Dressed at the 2012 CMT Awards

I absolutely LOVE country music, so of course I watch the CMT Awards every year. I think the number one best dressed was Luke Bryan, he is always the best dressed and the best everything! I think he is amazing, and his music is perfect. But this post is about the best dressed girls, so lets get started!

Number 4: Sara Evans in a graceful Julian Joyce made by Mandalay Gunmetal sequin dress.

Number 3: Elizabeth Cook wearing a beautiful sequin dress with cowboy boots and an ivory clutch.

Number 2: Grace Potter in a gorgeous KAUFMANFRANCO gown. 

Number 1: Carrie Underwood in a stunning Randi Rahm cocktail dress with a Caovilla Swaroviski crystal clutch.

It seems that sparkles and silver have become a big trend this year! I hope it carries on because I absolutely love these dresses. Tell me what you think?


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Street Style: Colored Skinny Jeans

I was walking on the street today with my friends after we had gotten some delicious ice cream (I got frozen yogurt though) and I saw yet another person wearing brightly colored skinny jeans. I have only had colored skinny jeans once in my life and they were bright blue. At first I loved them, but then not so much. I'm seeing them a lot on the streets now and I'm starting to like it again!

Maybe I'll get some more pairs of my own. What do you think?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Best Dressed at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Who do you think was the best dressed at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards? These are my fave 5!

Number 5: Kirsten Stewart wearing a GGUiSHEM Dress and Christian Louboutin pumps. I absolutely love the colors and design of the dress along with her windblown hair and stylish rings.

Number 4: Emma Watson wearing a Brood mini halter dress and Tabitha Simmons shoes. The interesting design of the dress is pulled together with the beautiful shoes with a little sparkle.

Number 3: Shailene Woodley wearing a Stella McCartney low cut suit and heels and rocking a cute fishtail braid. I think that this style is really cute! And the fishtail braid really completes the outfit.

Number 2: Kandace Greer Grammer wearing a beautiful tight blue dress and matching pink bag and heels! For sure something I would wear and my second favorite outfit from the awards. 

Number One: Victoria Justice wearing a beautiful Erin Fetherston dress. I just love how the black in the belt matches the black clutch and heels. A perfect outfit in my opinion!

Do you think these girls were the best dressed? I sure do! I would wear all of these outfits, they are all just so stunning! Tell me what you think!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

H&M Releases Their Video Look Book for Fall 2012!

For the most part I think that the Autumn Season 2012 will be a great season for H&M although, I am not a huge fan of the outfits that are sparkley head to toe, nor do I like the pants in this collection. But, other than that, I think it is a nice and put togather collection. One of my favorites is the sheer black collared shirt that is in a lot of the outfits, it is very chic and can go with really almost anything. Another item that I really like are the shorts. Usually when you think of shorts you think of summer, but these shorts are very autumn like. Some more items that I enjoyed are the sunglasses and earrings that were featured in many of the items. I also really liked the gold skirt in the very last outfit, sometimes I think gold can be a little tacky, but in this outfit I think it works very well! Are you excited for the 2012 Autumn Season of H&M? I am! Share your ideas with me about what you think of the upcoming season!

~xoxo, CC

Will you be showing some back this summer?

Hey everyone! I love to show some back in the summer, it keeps you cool and it looks awesome! Here are some of my favorite shirts and dresses that I think add a little spice to the summer:

One store that has some really amazing open back dresses is Victoria Secret. Here are some of their open back dresses that are my favorite:

(from left to right, up to down)
  1. Victoria Secret Flirtly Little Open-Back Minidress, currently on clearance for $95.99! Buy Now
  2. Victoria Secret Lace Dress, currently on sale for $69.50! Buy Now
  3. Victoria Secret Open-Back Cover Up Dress, currently on sale for $39.50 Buy Now
  4. Victoria Secret The Multi-Way Dress, currently on clearance for $49.99 Buy Now
Another store that also has a lot of nice open-back wear is Urban Outfiters! Here are my favorite tops:

(from left to right, up to down)
  1. Urban Outfiters Daydreamer LA Twisted Low Back Tank $29.00 Buy Now
  2. Urban Outfiters Daydreamer LA Ribbed Knit Cross-Back Tee $34.00 Buy Now
  3. Urban Outfiters Kimichi Blue Ethereal Cami $39.00 Buy Now
  4. Urban Outfiters Sparkle & Fade Low-Back Chiffon Blouse $49.00 Buy Now
  5. Urban Outfiters Sparkle & Fade Open-Back Chiffon Blouse $59.00 Buy Now
  6. Urban Outfiters Threads 4 Thought Phoebe Tee $64.00 Buy Now

What do you think of these styles? Will you be wearing some? Let me know!

~xoxo, CC

Saturday, June 2, 2012

What are your Favorite Printed Shorts?

What I have seen a lot of since the weathers been getting pretty hot is printed shorts! And so far, I love what I see. Printed shorts are not only interesting because they are different than a solid color, but they can spice up an outfit and make you stand out in a good way. Here are a few of my favorite printed shorts:


(from left to right, up to down)

  1. Charlotte Russe Hot Kiss Aztec Print Denim Shorts $24.99 Buy Now
  2. Charlotte Russe Almost Famous Polka Dot Shorts $24.99 Buy Now
  3. Delia's Black Ditsy Shorts $29.50 Buy Now
  4. Delia's Floral Print Fray Hem Shorts $29.50 Buy Now 
  5. Top Shop Flag Printed Hot Pants $68.00 Buy Now
  6. Delia's White Floral Denim Shorts $29.50 Buy Now

Which ones are your favorite? :)

~xoxo, CC

Will Neon be a Popular Trend this Summer?

I was doing some online shopping and looking at fashion trends and ideas for the summer and one thing that came up a lot that I LOVED was NEON! Bright and fun colors were just popping up everywhere, and here are some of my faves: 

Neon watches seem to be in this season! These were only a few of the TONS of neon watches I found online. (from left to right) 
  1. ASOS Neon Green Green Rubber Watch, now on sale for $10.44! Buy Now
  2. ASOS Neon Pink Double Strap Watch $34.79 Buy Now
  3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Red Leather Strap Watch With Rose Gold Square Oval Face $311.37 Buy Now

I was looking for some cute neon shorts, and I found a lot! The most common color that I found though was pink (don't worry though if you don't like pink! There are these shorts in different colors on their websites in the "Buy Now" links below). I think neon pink shorts are gonna be IN this summer, how about you?
  1. Top Shop Moto Neon Pink Cut Off Hotpants $40.00 Buy Now
  2. Express Neon Shorts, now on sale for $29.90! Buy Now
  3. Free People Diamond Croshet Short $98.00 Buy Now

These neon color dresses really caught my eye, and I can't wait to buy some nice summery dresses like these! (from left to right)

  1. Charlotte Russe Neon Scuba Tube Dress $28.99 Buy Now
  2. Free People Striped Fitnflare Dress $118.00 Buy Now
  3. Rare Neon Scuba Corset Dress with Neon Belt, now on sale for $43.49! Buy Now


One of my favorite things to shop for in the summer are swim suits! This summer my plan is definitely going to include shopping for some super cute and super bold neon suits, such as the ones above. (from left to right)

  1. Free People One Piece with Back Straps $180.00 Buy Now
  2. Free People Volcano Top and Bottom, Top: $68 Bottom: $68 Buy Now
  3. Pac Sun Kandy Wrappers Fringe Suit, Top: $34.50 Bottom: $32.50 Buy Now


Everyone loves and needs a cute bag over the summer, and going with the neon theme, these were my top 3! My favorite is the on on the right, its perfect for a day to the beach or just for hanging out with friends! (from right to left)

  1. Michael Kors Ostrich Embossed Shoulder Flap Bag $455.00 Buy Now 
  2. J. Crew Margate Purse $198.00 Buy Now
  3. Victoria Secret Backpack $39.50 Buy Now
These are my favorite neon wear for the summer, but of course there is way more out there! I'd love it if you'd share it with me, and I hope everyone enjoys a very neon summer. Tell me what you think about this rising neon trend!

~xoox, CC